Sunday, February 28, 2010

Development of Physical Education Get involved!!!

Three critical issues facing children in the US today are childhood obesity has been rising rapidly, in-school and community violence among youth have alarmed us all, and early puberty has important psychological ramifications.

Some goals of the concept "Developmental Physical Education" are that a person is physically fit, a person participates regularly in physical activity, and the person knows the implications and the benefits of involvement in physical activities.

Developmental physical education recognizes the relationship among the specific requirements of the movement task, the biology of the individual, and the conditions of the learning environment in promoting motor control and movement competence.

Individual appropriateness- The inclusion of learning experience into the physical education program geared to learner's phases and stages of motor development and the levels and stages of movement skills
Group appropriateness- The inclusion of learning experiences into the physical education experience based on chronological age and grade level

Fundamental movement skills include locomotion and manipulation
Locomotion : walking, running,leaping, jumping, and hopping
manipulation: Ball rolling, throwing, kicking, punting, and striking

Patterns of stability can be observed as axial, static and dynamic movements
Axial: Bending, stretching, twisting, turning, and swinging
Static/dynamic: upright balances, inverted balances, rolling,starting, stopping, and dodging

Physical fitness is defined as Health related and Performance related
Health related: Muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, joint flexibility, and body composition
Performance-related: Balance, coordination, agility, speed and power

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Dodge ball in Physical education
After participating in a game during class, it has made me realize that dodge ball is an unacceptable game to play with kids. Starting off by having teams and picking captains was already excluding some of the kids. There is very little moving around, only a few kids want to participate, and if you get hit your out and there is way too much sitting around. The same people were throwing the balls, and the smaller kids get out first.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Tunnel Tag
Divide the class into teams of two (each player has a partner). Select 1-3 of the teams to be the "its" (personally, I use gold vests to identify the "its". This game is now player just like Tunnel Tag, except all players must stay joined with their partner. The "its" will attempt to tag the players. Upon being tagged, the players must form a tunnel (using both players from the team). The tagged players must stay frozen in a tunnel formation until another team goes through their tunnel. Once a team has gone through the tunnel of the frozen team, the frozen team is freed and may re-join the game. Once a team has been tagged 3 times, I will have them come to the sideline, get a vest and join the game as "its".
Following are 2 more rules:
1. Players must be connected at all times (I allow disconnects for making of some tunnels and for going through some tunnels.
2. "Its" must be connected while tagging other players.

This week was Olympic week! It was very exciting, and the game I organized was tunnel tag. Tunnel tag was really fun, however at times I had trouble keeping the younger kids attention. Once i started the music they were very energetic and were running around and having a great time!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Helping kids and going to St. Mary's was amazing this week!!! Interacting with the kids was very enjoyable I loved seeing the kids smile. I had a chance to draw princesses with the younger girls and play race cars with the boys. My group played duck, duck, goose and many tag games with the kids. Seeing altogether was a great chance to go outside my bubble and really get involved.